At 43 Coffee, we believe in building and nurturing relationships with our business partners.
If you are a professional barista or cafe owner, we carry a wide selection of handcrafted coffee beans and selected premium tea leaves, together with state-of-the-art brewing equipment that we can curate to cater to your needs.
On top of sourcing and providing quality products, 43 Coffee goes a step further in committing to educating our partners on the coffee making craft. Be it if you are new to home brewing or starting out your F&B establishment, our expert and friendly team are always ready to help.


As a micro roaster, we take pride in providing custom roasting services to ensure you can acquire your own preference of roasted coffee beans. We take pride in our selection of coffee (cupping) as we go through a big selection of beans to pick out what we deemed best in a cup. From the selection of coffee beans origin, to the meticulous roasting process, our roaster will tailor your exquisite selection of roast profile and coffee origin.


The secret to a successful cafe is a well equipped barista, and we delight in providing professional training if you are newly venturing into this industry. From the crucial selection of coffee beans and roasting level, to bringing out the most flavor out of each different beans, and down to the details of pulling a perfect cup of coffee served or texturing milk, you are well covered.
Through sharing our trade secrets and the secret and the access to wide selection of coffee beans and brewing equipment, we consider ourselves as a one stop solution for both beginners and professional coffee brewers.

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