Hario V60 Filter Paper (100pcs)

Hario V60 Filter Paper White 01 Dripper - No Paper Taste - Only Delicious Coffee

It is that time again to reload on Hario V60 filter papers. Grab a pack of 100 and continue enjoying your favourite coffee. These V60 paper filter fit-in well into 01 dripper. They assist the drip-style brewing process and allow great flow-rate. Because V60 dripper has interior ridges, during the extraction, the air is allowed to escape resulting in a superior cuppa.

How to brew with Hario V60 Filter Paper White for 01 Dripper

Using the V60 paper filter for 01 dripper is easy. All you have to do is unfold the cone shaped filter, add the medium grinded grounds, and pour hot water from the centre in a circular motion. Continue adding water slowly for approximately 3 minutes.

Hario V60 Paper Filters Includes :

  • 100 x V60 Coffee Filters

Hario V60 Filter Paper (100pcs)

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