A Taste of 43 Coffee

Updated: Feb 3

Hello and welcome! We are 43 Coffee and this is our very first blog entry of what we hope to be the start of many more to come! We aim to shed some light and share more insights about 43 Coffee and what we stand for. By sharing our ideals, ideas, opinions, experience and knowledge, we believe that we stand a better chance in cultivating a healthy coffee culture in Malaysia.

Till today, we still get customers wondering about what our main focus is and why the name, 43 Coffee. Little do people know that the name came from house number 43. A bungalow situated in the residential area of Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI), where 43 Coffee was originally planned to be, back in 2017. Ideally, we would want to have both a cafe setup and a roasting facility under one roof but reality came knocking abruptly as our request to open up an F&B business in a residential area was not met by the local municipal council.

Despite the early setback, we kept the name 43 Coffee and were fortunate enough to get ourselves a nice and cozy spot for the cafe, of what used to be an office space located on the 1st floor of the row of shop-lots along Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, TTDI. We then set up our roastery and production line in a warehouse space in Section 16, Shah Alam.

43 Coffee, 14A, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, 60000 TTDi

Ever since then, we have been roasting and brewing an array of beautiful coffees sourced from all around the world. Our unwavering love for coffee extends beyond just about sharing the delicacies of high quality coffees, it is also about building and fostering relationships, creating a healthy and exciting working environment, working closely with the people involved in the coffee supply chain, and to constantly make progress in our craft whilst paving way for better job opportunities that revolves around coffee.

It is definitely an understatement for us to say that being able to work with different coffees every day, every week, every month, every year is a privilege. What coffee has taught us is that learning is a never-ending process and it takes time. Essentially, knowledge and education is key to improving not only just coffee but will impact the overall quality of service, products, the landscape of the coffee supply chain and the service industry as a whole.

Coffee assessment before purchasing new green beans

As a proud purveyor of good quality coffees, delicate concoctions of teas and rich, creamy single origin chocolates, all we want is for our customers to have an enjoyable experience appreciating and learning more about our beautiful products and the craftsmanship that goes behind it. Surely, a taste of 43 Coffee.

Written by Haziq Ramlan

Pictures taken by Haziq Ramlan

Edited by JC & Sunita Soh

Proof-read by Darren Mohan & Sunita Soh

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