#2 Killer Coffee Series - Luz Mila, El Oasis, Colombia

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Farmer : Luz Mila Gonzalez

Farm : Finca El Oasis

Región : Gaitania, Tolima

Country : Colombia

Varietal : Caturra

Process : Cinnamon Washed

Elevation : 1700 - 1900m above sea level

A dedicated farmer, Luz Mila Gonzalez is relentless and committed to the beautiful yet self sufficient Finca El Oasis. Together with her 3 kids, they make up a robust unit that nurtures and takes good care of the coffee farm. Chickens and an array of other crops, such as bananas and other fruit trees, are being grown to sustain their household. The farm is located deep in the region of Gaitania, isolated a few hours away from the nearest city. The area is surrounded by immaculate lush greens and spectacular mountain peaks. On top of that, they are blessed with fertile soil provided by the majestic Nevado del Huila (Del Huila volcano).

What caught our eyes the first time we came across this coffee by Luz Mila was the use of an unconventional processing method called the cinnamon washed process. This was something we truly have never come across before. This coffee was fermented in an air-tight vessel, an environment that has no oxygen. On top of that, tartaric acid and cinnamon were added into the mix of a 30-hour dry anaerobic (oxygen-free environment) fermentation process. It may be deemed as a frowned upon method amongst the specialty coffee community because it is seen as a flavour inducing method where it alters the natural character of the coffee.

But I beg to differ. At the end of the day, it is all about taste, texture and complexity. When we tried the coffee sample provided by Cofinet recently, needless to say, it was stunning. The flavours were structurally refined and naturally super sweet. Cane sugar sweetness was written all over the coffee. It had a medium body with strong spices for aroma, tamarind like acidity, fresh tobacco and finishes with a sweet dark chocolate. Certainly, this coffee is perfect for people who enjoy earthy complex coffee!

Here is another simple recipe you can follow if you have this coffee by Luz Mila:


Brewing Method - v60

Dosage - 18g of coffee grounds

Output - 300ml of water

Water Temperature : 92c (OPTIONAL)

Brewing Time : 2mins 20 seconds - 2mins 40seconds

Happy Brewing!

Written by Haziq Ramlan

Proof read & edited by Rasyad Yosof

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