#1 Killer Coffee Series - Sebastian Gomez, Finca La Divisa, Colombia

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Farmer : Sebastian Gomez

Farm : Finca La Divisa

Región : Circasia, Quindio

Country : Colombia

Varietal : Pink Bourbon

Process : Natural Carbonic Maceration

Elevation : 1700 - 1800m above sea level

Introducing a new blog series called the Killer Coffee Series (KC Series). We are particularly excited about this series because we get to share the rare and exotic coffees that we have tried for you coffee lovers out there. Our selection of coffees features complexity and versatility. Above all, a killer cup of coffee that strikes the heart of many!

Our first KC Series feature is a very special coffee produced by Sebastian Gomez at Finca Divisa, Colombia. A progressive farmer, known for growing rare coffees with exceptional flavours. This particular coffee is of the pink bourbon varietal, a hybrid between the yellow and red bourbon varietal. Named from the fact that when the coffee cherry ripens, it turns saliently pink.

What's even more interesting is that Sebastian Gomez uses the natural carbonic maceration process for this coffee. Adopted from wine-making and adapted into coffee-making, this means that coffee fermentation takes place in a carbon-dioxide-rich environment. Through this, the coffee tastes almost like a fruit bomb of flavour. It is heavy bodied while being highly syrupy, wine-y, fruity and fragrant. The fragrance is a fusion of spices and floral notes. Even thinking about the flavours makes me want to brew a cup for myself. If you get the chance to try it, we highly recommend you to! Stay tuned for our next KC series as there are more great coffees to be brewed and will be featured very very soon.

Since you are here, this is a simple recipe you can follow if you have this coffee by Sebastian Gomez:


Brewing Method : v60

Dosage - 15g of coffee grounds

Output - 250ml of water

Water Temperature : 91c (OPTIONAL)

Brewing Time : 2mins - 2mins 15seconds

Happy Brewing!

Written by Haziq Ramlan

Proof read & edited by Rasyad Yosof

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